Suzanne Hardgrave - Photo by Darren Gill

She is disappearing...

Set in the magical world of theatre an actress, career fading and hung-over, suffers the post-show blues of her one-star show. She is disappearing.

Out of control and out of work, the actress spirals into a life changing decision. She must avoid her disappearance from the stage - catapulting her on a path of self-destruction. 

As her make believe world collapses the actress faces her greatest illusion - the one she has created of herself. Warning: This story has a serrated moral edge.

This work is the amalgamation of Suzie Hardgrave’s doctorate research on actors disappearing into characters. This is following on from the successful La Mama season of Elizabeth Taylor is My Mother (2015), an award-winning Masters investigation of identity in

This doctorate study specifically focuses on the actress and her performance of gender, its pitfalls, its illusions, and its power. The actress explores oppressive behavioral constructs of femininity in Western culture. 

Questioning how an actress navigates stages of life in gaining control of her disappearance, The Disappearing Trilogy intersects with the outskirts of the #MeToo movement. The work explores what it is we do when we act according to patriarchal and peer expectations. 

It offers the hypothesis that if we choose to go beyond these expectations making our own choices as women. We can stop imitating life and start living it.

The Disappearing Trilogy unpacks over three episodes the various aspects of the actress in her performance of roles on and offstage. It has a minimalistic aesthetic designed by Bronwyn Pringle with sound design by Chris Wenn

The genre combines elements of magic and poetic realism with physical theatre influences in a metatheatrical frame. It is a brand new work in collaboration with the Centre for Theatre and Performance (Monash University), Monash Academy of Performing Arts and proudly presented by La Mama Theatre. 

Dedicated sponsors of the work include The Space Dance and Arts Centre and The Alex Theatre in St Kilda . The Disappearing Trilogy and doctorate project is both personal and professional. 

Hardgrave disappeared into the character of the actress in 1993 - graduating from acting school with an eating disorder and lasting longer than The Lion King on Broadway. Hardgrave is a theatre artist, practice-based researcher, and acting teacher specialising in theatre. 

She has performed, directed and taught in both Australia and the UK since 1993. Career highlights include The Library at Traverse Theatre, The Arches supported by the
National Theatre of Scotland, Helicopter by Angela Betzien at Melbourne Theatre Company, and Air Splaiodan animated web series for BBC Scotland.  Suzie teaches regularly with Victorian College of the Arts and NIDA Open.

Creator and Performer: Suzie Hardgrave
Lighting and Set Design: Bronwyn Pringle
Sound Design: Chris Wenn
Directorial and Dramaturgical Consultant: Alister Smith
Movement Advisor: Sarah Cathcart

DATE: October 16 - 27
TIME: Wed & Fri at 6.30pm, Thurs & Sat at 8.30pm Sun at 4.30pm. 
DURATION: Approx. 75 minutes
VENUE: La Mama Courthouse 349 Drummond Street, Carlton
TICKETS: $30 Adult | $20 Concession

BOOKINGS: 03 9347 6948 or 

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