Brenda Palmer and Annie Thorold - photo by Laurence Strangio

Savannah Bay is a complex and delicate work about
intergenerational connection, memory, desire and theatre.

The text by Marguerite Duras is rich with ambiguity and devotion. A young woman attends to an aging actress, Madeleine.  

She may be Madeleine’s carer. She may be her grand-daughter.

They speak of a history that is clouded with uncertainty and memories that have merged
with a life immersed in the theatre. The layers of identity between the characters unfold with an ever-growing, yet subtle urgency as the young woman seeks to tease, entice, and cajole the history that bind these women together.

Savannah Bay explores the fragility of memory and identity and how they are connected to place and the bonds of relationship. As our generations age and become more isolated, Savannah Bay portrays the value of the passing on of stories and knowledge between generations, particularly across generational gaps.

Brenda Palmer, who plays Madeleine, has reached the venerable age of 82 (soon to be 83) and her working relationship with Annie Thorold (originally from Sweden) is truly symbiotic. It has been forged over a 3 year relationship playing the 2 aspects of Marguerite Duras
in Laurence Strangio’s adaptation of The Lover (La Mama 2016 & 2017).

Laurence Strangio is renowned for his obsessive Duras expertise and with Savannah Bay he creates a meta-theatrical production that reverberates with the history of the space it occupies. Madeleine and the Young Woman inhabit the theatre as an environment for therapeutic care. 

This is theatre that blurs the borders of the theatre itself. What is real? What is theatre? What is memory?

Marguerite Duras is an important French writer who is best known for her provocative memoir The Lover. Duras’ work unashamedly challenges notions of form, subjectivity, identity and theatrical narrative. Her wartime memoir La Douleur (also adapted by Laurence Strangio for Malthouse Theatre 2007) was the subject of a recent film at the 2018 Alliance Fran├žaise French Film Festival.

Direction & design: Laurence Strangio
Lighting design: Clare Springett
Cast: Brenda Palmer and Annie Thorold

DATE: October 17 - 27, 2019
TIME: Thurs, Sat and Sun at 6.30pm Fri at 9pm no Wed performances
VENUE: La Mama Courthouse 349 Drummond Street, Carlton
TICKETS $30 Adult | $20 Concession

BOOKINGS 03 9347 6948 or 

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