1984 iconic science fiction romantic comedy is now a new stage production

Music Theatre Melbourne is excited and proud to announce the first full showing of a new stage production, Electric Dreams The Musical, at Gasworks Theatre, Albert Park, from 20 to 24 November. Written by Drew Lane, the story takes you back to the wild innocence of 1984 combining a love triangle (boy-girl-computer) with a brilliantly catchy score that features 22 original songs. 

It's 1984 - the year of Gremlins, Ghostbusters, string vests, and shoulder pads. The year George Orwell chose as the title for his apocalyptic novel about Big Brother.  

The year that Rusty Lemorande created his iconic cult movie called Electric Dreams with a title song that made everybody sing along. The stellar cast is headed by Tom Green as Miles (Miss Saigon; Gladys Moncrieff Award; The Project), who finds a brave new world of love and technology, and Madeleine Featherby (Paris: A Rock Odyssey; Follies; LaTraviata) as Madeleine, girl next door and cellist extraordinaire. 

It also features Stephen Mahy (Miss Saigon; Jersey Boys; Mamma Mia; Crossroads!) as Miles' Casanovan best pal and Angela Scundi (Rocky Horror Show; Thoroughly Modern Millie; Tick Tick Boom), as Madeleine's thoroughly modern Millie.  

Owen James plays Edgar, the computer with human aspirations. Sophie Loughran, Zak Brown, Anthony Scundi, Courtney Smyth and Aidan Nairros

DATES:            20 – 24 November 2019
VENUE:           Gasworks Theatre, 21 Graham Street Albert Park
BOOKINGS:     (03) 8606 4299 or  

PRICES:           Full: $ 48.00; Conc.: $39.00; 10+: $ 43.00

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