A new adaptation by James Macaronas

MU Modern Theatre presents a new adaptation of Franz Kafka's inimitable and sinister novella The Metamorphosis for the stage. Drawing from the canon of Absurdist and in-yer-face theatre stagings of Kafka's work, writer James Macaronas and director Samsara are bringing new life to the story for Melbourne Fringe 2019.

The Metamorphosis is about a young man named Gregor Samsa who is a hard working travelling salesman. He provides the only support for his family.

That is, until the day he wakes up and discovers he has transformed into a giant... something. With Samsa unable to work or do much at all his world is flipped on its head and his family starts to fall apart.

The Metamorphosis is being adapted by a group of Melbourne based theatre-makers and will be staged as part of the Union House Theatre Fringe residency in the Guild Theatre. This will be the second show produced by MU Modern Theatre, the first being their debut production of Annie Baker's The Flick in April 2019.

MU Modern is proud to announce that James Macaronas will be adapting The Metamorphosis for their September production at Fringe. Macaronas is a writer and performer whose work is characterized by its open engagement with weird aesthetics and genre traditions. Previous work includes: writing The Apocalypse Tapes presented by FLW Theatre, and directing MindQuest: Journey into Forever presented at Melbourne Fringe, 2018. This year, he wrote and performed Kirk Dangerous Kills the Prime Minister at The Butterfly Club.

Samsara had directed David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross and Bertolt Brecht's The Exception and The Rule as well as several new plays by Melbourne and Sydney playwrights. She has written several of her own plays including Othello: Death Poll, Entropia, Vocx, and Dramatic Reaction: A Theatrical Lampoon and is the writer/director/producer of the audio drama podcast The Players by Samsara which is being featured as part of International Podcast Month in September.

MU Modern Theatre Company launched in 2019. It is dedicated to contemporary stagings of existing plays as well as the production of new theatrical adaptations and translations.

DATES: 26 - 28 September 2019
TIMES: 8:15pm Thur/Fri and 9:30pm Sat
VENUE: Guild Theatre, Parkville
TICKETS: Full $20 Concession $15

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