Existential chaos, youth versus age, hope versus paranoia, and love versus fear.

The Reds were once the powerless and are now the powerful. The Whites were once absolute rulers but are now powerless.

The former tsar and his family are imprisoned by the Bolsheviks in a provincial house where the Romanov girls perform Chekhov to pass the time under house arrest. Running from 28 August to 8 September at La Mama Courthouse, Tchekov at the House of Special Purpose - written by AWGIE nominee R Johns and directed by Green Room Award winner Alex Menglet - poses what may have happened in this last house.

Based on the story of the Romanov girls, Tchekov at the House of Special Purpose is an exciting and experimental project. It advances Chekhov's theatrical form into the Russian revolution. Investigating love, belief and family values in a time of war and chaos this play asks the question 'what makes us human'?

The zietgeist of the 21st century is civil war and violence world wide. A cast of 12 culturally and linguistically diverse actors tell a Russian story as seen through contemporary Australian eyes, exploring the resonances of that story and what it means to us.

Set in the last century in a claustrophobic room full of travelling cases, with a family seemingly in transit, the production includes live music, silent movie, and dance. Produced in partnership with the La Mama Learning Program, the play is on the 2019 VCE Theatre Studies Playlist.

Writer: R Johns
Director: Alex Menglet
Design: Peter Mumford
Lighting: Shane Grant
Sound: Zac Kazepis

DATE: 28 August - 8 September 2019
TIME: Wed 6:30pm, Wed & Thurs 1pm, Thurs & Sat 7:30pm, Fri 11am, Sun 4pm
DURATION: Approximately 95 minutes
VENUE: La Mama Courthouse
TICKETS: $30 Adult/$20 Concession
BOOKINGS: (03)9347 6948 or

* Read my review of the 2017 production HERE

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