Image by Jack Kirby Crosby
 A fractured noir theatre play.

A story of a heroine,Josephine, who tries to find a path through the tangled undergrowth of unwanted memories. The Intriguing Case of the Silent Forest is a psychological thriller of yugen-shadows - a fragmented noir in full-body mode.

The Intriguing Case of the Silent Forest was inspired by one short improvisation between Kathleen Doyle and Yoka Jones four years ago and developed by the Thursday Group ensemble. It shares personal examinations and improvisation in poor-theatre modes making metaphors around the legacy of trauma.

The Thursday Group is a theatre collective lead by Matthew Crosby and Kathleen Doyle working in Melbourne, Australia since 2009. The group does slow-burn laboratory investigating performance practice arising from Tadashi Suzuki’s actor training method.

Matthew Crosby was last seen at La Mama in Suzanne Chaundy’s wild version of Genet’s The Maids 2011. He has performed throughout Australia and Asia, especially in Japan, and the experience influences his theatre.

Minimalistic mis-en-scene and poor-theatre a la mode! Kathleen Doyle and Crosby have been working together for many years experimenting with the Suzuki training and other forms. 

Both have worked with Tadashi Suzuki - Crosby in the Playbox (Malthouse) Macbeth project 1991/2. Doyle spent one year performing with the SCOT company in Shizuoka, Japan 2005.

Together the six Thursday Group members have built a close ensemble within a wider network of peers. They are interested in layering, discussing, working the body, chorusing and of course laughing. 

It’s a fitting anniversary that 10 years after first training together, Doyle and Crosby should embark on this premiere Thursday Group production.

Performers: Rodrigo Calderón, Matthew Crosby, Kathleen Doyle, Eidann Glover, Alana Hoggart, and Lorna McLeod
Writer/director: Matthew Crosby

The play has been developed with the shifting collaboration of The Thursday Group.

DATE: 3 - 7 July 2019
TIME: Wednesday & Friday 8.30pm Thursday, Saturday & Sunday 6.30pm
DURATION: Approximately 70 minutes
VENUE: La Mama Courthouse 349 Drummond Street, Carlton
TICKETS: $30 Adult | $20 Concession
BOOKINGS: 03 9347 6948 or 

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