Image by: John Collopy and Hannah Aroni
Satire, tenderness and philosophy combine in a neurodivergent-led play about autism and 'Help'

Helping Hands is the brand new play by neurodiverse-led theatre company A_tistic. It features autistic characters developed by a majority neurodivergent creative team.

The play is a biting satire balanced with tenderness and a pioneering new way of accessing theatre - a streamable video ticket. You can watch this show from the comfort of your living room!

When the whole world wants you to be a certain way, what does it mean to get 'help'? Helping Hands is the 4th and latest production of A_tistic - a theatre, education and consultancy team dedicated to bringing autistic lives and insights to the stage. 

Devised and co-scripted by a majority neurodivergent team of directors and actors, Helping Hands deconstructs what it means to be 'helped' and to 'help' as an autistic person. and you can watch it's debut at Melbourne's iconic La Mama Courthouse theatre or watch it online without leaving the house!

Helping Hands is turning the conversation about neurodivergence on its head, examining the norms and systems that shape autistic experience. The 90 minute show critiques the controversial, yet popular, autism therapy Applied Behavioral Analysis - a form of treatment eerily similar to dog training.

It explores the world of a character without speech, drawing on the guidance of Hari Srinivasan  - an autistic man who communicates by typing and is currently completing a psychology degree at UC Berkeley. The play examines the challenges of finding good mental health support for people who are both trans and autistic.

Helping Hands ranges far beyond questions of professional help, digging into relationships, self-help, power and community. Autistic people are frequently misdiagnosed, misunderstood or let down by the world but it doesn't have to be this way.

With Australia moving towards a long-awaited disability royal commission, re-examining what we mean when we talk about 'help' is well overdue. A_tistic believe in the principle 'nothing about us without us'. 

This production takes the conversation around 'help; to the next level by centering the voices and stories of autistic people. Helping Hands is co-created by directors Hannah Aroni, Jess Gonzalvez, and James Matthews. 

Devising cast:
Vanessa Di Natale
Emily Griffith
Dee Matthews
Aislinn Murray

DATE: 7 - 10 August 2019
TIME: Wed - Sat 7:30pm
VENUE: La Mama Courthouse
TICKETS: $30 Adult/$20 Concession
BOOKINGS: 03 9347 6948 or CLICK HERE

  • Relaxed performance  8 August (Thursday)
  • Auslan interpretation 9 August (Friday)

Available August 27 - September 6, 2019, a professionally filmed and fully captioned edition of the show will be available for streaming. Tickets are available via the Helping Hands Pozible Fundraiser until 8 July and then via

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