Hi. I am Samsara and I am the Editor of Planet Arts Group. I have been working in the live performance industry for two decades, have completed a Masters in Writing for Performance at VCA and have been reviewing performances for two years. My goal is to bring you all the latest on what is happening in Melbourne and what I think about it.

Planet Arts Group has four social media channels for you to engage with and enjoy.

What Did She Think is the main site where I post my reviews for shows and tell you about exciting things happening across the city.

What Did She Find is our Facebook page which is dedicated to collecting all the best information about shows and workshops and other industry news to keep you informed and develop your craft.

What Did She Hear is our Twitter account which keeps you up to date on a moment by moment basis on the lastest news and information.

What Did She See is our Instagram account which is the eye following us everywhere we go and showing you all our fun and fantastic moments.

You can contact me with review requests and show details at

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