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Dawn - Theatre Review

What: Dawn When: 23-26 August Where: The Owl and Cat Theatre Written by: Samantha Cooper Directed by: Jaime Dorner Performed by; Lucy Orr, Roxana Paun Trifan, and Damian Vuleta. Dawn is a thrilling new play by American playwright Samantha Cooper and is showing this week only at The Owl and Cat Theatre. It is an uncompromising play about incest and pulls no punches on any of the people involved. This play has a couple of really surprising twists which you don't see coming, but which tell us so much more about the family than we'd ever have thought to question or perhaps even want to consider. Director Jaime Dorner is from New Zealand and true to the body of his work it is presented in a very visual aesthetic with clean lines - almost like a photographic stills gallery.  The techniqus is very powerful for this play because it is like flicking through a family photo album. The play itself only runs over an hour but covers two days in the life of these people so perhaps

The Whistleblower - Theatre Review

What: The Whistleblower Where: Metanoia Theatre When: 10 - 21 August Written by: Andrew R. Kelly Directed by: Robin Thomas Performed by: Blake Barnard, Mitchel Edwards, Scott Leek, Raymond Martini, Paul Fergus Morris, Nick Rijs, Mish Wittrup, and Eliza Woods. Sound by: Tom Backhaus The Whistleblower is a new play written by Swan Hill playwright Andrew R. Kelly and has been produced by Bakers Dozen Theatre Company. It is being performed at Metanoia and it is exciting to see their studio space activated in this manner. Presented in the round with an astroturf floor my heart skipped a beat in anticipation of a lively and intriguing night of theatre. What ensued, however, was a night of anger and frustration and a desperate wish to be able to walk out with dignity. I probably should have walked out anyway. This is not a comment on the company or the production. It was the play itself which offended me from the very first scene and never recovered from that position. The Whi