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WHAT: Christmas Under The Big Top WHEN: 24 Nov - 24 Dec 2023 WHERE: Burnley Oval PRESENTED BY: Damian Syred Christmas Under The Big Top The genie is out of the bottle, or perhaps it is more correct to say the Santa is out of the North Pole . Christmas is nearly here, merchandising has already hit the stores and some people have already put up their Christmas lights (WTF?). It's all becoming very real and - just in time - the magic of Christmas has come to Burnley Oval in the form of Christmas Under The Big Top. Christmas Under The Big Top is a unbelievable event full of fun and magic for toddlers whith just enough consideration for the parents to make it fun for all. To be honest, part of what makes it fun is how much joy and play the kids get from all the activities. This event is possibly the best value for money parents are likely to find in the festive lead up. There are 3 circus tents and the journey through them results in a joy filled, wonder filled, food filled night ful


WHAT: Fairspell Academy WRITTEN BY: Ava Richardson Christmas is coming and it is always so hard to think about Christmas presents. I think I have just uncovered a genius solution for those of you who have young adults to consider. If you haven't heard of her dragon books already, let me introduce you to Ava Richardson . Richardson has authored a multitude of books in her fantasy dragon world, and Fairspell Academy is book two of her latest trilogy about the dragon defenders of Destia. For those of you familiar with the scifi/fantasy genre, imagine Anne McCaffrey's dragons of Pern and Leigh Bardugo's magical realm of Ravka combined, and all of them living at the Winx academy. This is the world Richardson has created in Fairspell Academy . It's a heady cocktail which skirts the danger of overcomplication really well. As I mentioned, Fairspell Academy is the second book and I haven't read the first one - Pack Dragon - yet, but I have already bought it and it is sit


WHAT: Sally Carrot Is A Fraud WHEN: 8 - 11 November 2022 WHERE: The Butterfly Club (Upstairs) WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY: James Burgess PERFORMED BY: Caz Dawes Caz Dawes Presented as part of the ' Monologue Festival ' at The Butterfly Club this week, you could easily mistake Sally Carrot is a Fraud as just a comedy routine. It is much more than that, and your heart will ache as you learn the journey Sally has taken to get to this moment in her life. Sally Carrot ( Caz Dawes ) is a young actor who has turned up to audition for what sounds like a one-line role in some TV series. Along with at least 346 other hopefuls she sits in a room waiting for her number to be called. At the start of the monologue they are only up to the high 200s so she will evidently be there for quite a while.  To fill in time she starts chatting to the people around her and we learn about her childhood friend Tabitha and the clique she so desperately wanted to be a part of. Sally also tells us about her f

WEREDINGO: Theatre Review

WHAT: Weredingo WHEN: 1 - 4 November 2023 WHERE: Arts House (main hall) WRITTEN & CHOREOGRAPHED BY: Thomas E S Kelly COMPOSITION BY: Sam Pankhurst ANIIMATION BY: Studio Gilay PERFORMED BY: Thomas E S Kelly, Benjin Maza, Glory Tuohy-Daniell, and Vicki Van Hout LIGHTING BY: Chloe Ogilvie COSTUMES BY: Selene Cochrane Benjin Maza, Thomas ES Kelly, and Glory Tuohy-Daniell - photo supplied Every so often a show comes along which excites your soul and shakes your conscience at the same time. Weredingo , created by Karul Projects and playing this weekend at Arts House, is one of those shows. Weredingo began as a solo dance exploration back in 2017, when Thomas ES Kelly (writer and choreographer) and producing partner Taree Sansbury created a solo dance exploration of a person shape shifting. That solo - or a version there of - is still in this third iteration of the original idea and is still the powerful centrepiece of the work. In 2019 the original Shifting>Shapes became SSHIFTT .