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Hard Boiled Bush Noir - Theatre Review

What: Hard Boiled Bush Noir When: 27 August - 2 September 2018 Where: Irene Mitchell Studio, St Martins Theatre Written by: Shane Grant Directed by: Iris Gillard Performed by: Adam Mattaliano and Miles Paras Set and Costumes by: Lara Week Lighting by: Niklas Pajanti Miles Paras There is something course, rough, mean and gritty about the Australian outback psyche and Hard Boiled Bush Noir brings all of that paranoia and panick to our stages in a triptych of tales written by Shane Grant . Playing at St Martins Theatre in South Yarra, the chills you get watching this will not be coming from the cold winter nights, they will come from deep in your gut as you wait for these three stark and striking tales to unfold. Grant is a story teller in a style we don't see a lot of anymore. If you ever lived anywhere in rural Australia, you have probably sat around a campfire at night and listened to or spun a yarn and cowered in terror of the shadows moving in the dark of night. Th

May Contain Traces Of Reading - Comedy Review

What: May Contain Traces Of Reading When: 20 - 25 August 2018 Where: The Butterfly Club Created and performed by: Mitchell E Roberts Mitchell E Roberts I am on a roll this week. Two nights in a row I have managed to see the best and funniest shows in Melbourne right now. First was Mothermorphosis and now it's May Contain Traces Of Reading at The Butterfly Club. Comedian Mitchell E Roberts introduces us to his alter ego Robert Mitchell and we spend the rest of the hour down the rabbit hole of non-stop laughs as we navigate the trips and spills of a life lived without uttering a single word. Did she just say what I think she said? Yes indeed! Not a single word is spoken by Mitchell throughout the show but don't get me wrong - he never shuts up! Brecht would have been proud of this comedian as he waves placards and cue cards at us with precise comedic timing constantly spurred on (and riled up) by his computer side-kick Captain Mac Sparrow. Self-taught with the grea

Mothermorphosis - Theatre Review

What: Mothermorphosis When: 22 August - 2 September 2018 Where: La Mama - Trades Hall Written and performed by: Liz Skitch Directed by: Maude Davey Set by: Lara Week Lighting by: Richard Vabre Sound by: Chris Wenn Stage Managed by: Brittany Coombs Liz Skitch Slowly but surely the world is scratching and clawing its way to honesty and every day women are making progress towards being able to speak their truth - which is not always roses, birthday cakes, and talcum powder. Sometimes it is, but the roses lose their petals, the cake ends up on the floor and the talcum powder - well I probably shouldn't talk about where that ends up... Mothermorphosis , the new comedy by Liz Skitch is a giant leap into this acceptance of imperfection and heading to La Mama Trades Hall this week is a great way to fend off the winter freeze. There are many shows about motherhood - Mum's The Word and Motherhood: The Musical spring to mind without much effort. Everyone is debunking th

Nightsongs - Music Review

What: Nightsongs When: 16 - 19 August 2018 Where: La Mama - Trades Hall Composed by: Natasha Moszenin Performed by: Jai Luke, Natasha Moszenin, Claire Nicholls, and Lara Vocisano Lighting by: Kate Kelly Claire Nicholls, Jai Luke, and Lara Vocisano - photo by Dan A'Vard Nightsongs is a song cycle which is in its fourth iteration at La Mama - Trades Hall (the alternate venue whilst a new way forward is being created by the La Mama team after the tragic fire). Playing for only four nights, this time Moszenin has eschewed the theatrical elements and is presenting the piece in concert as a meditative experience on the difficulties of sleep in the modern age. I first came across this project in it's second iteration as a fully produced show called The Insomnia Project at La Mama Courthouse and I loved it as my review clearly stated. Weaving the tales of four sleepless souls and the strategies they try to employ to engage in sleep was very relatable and egged us on to l

Oil Babies - Theatre Review

What: Oil Babies When: 8 - 18 August 2018 Where: Northcote Town Hall Written and directed by: Petra Kalive Performed by: Kali Hulme, Jodie Le Vesconte, and Fiona Macleod Set by: Andrew Bailey Costumes by: Harriet Oxley Lighting by: Lisa Mibus Sound by: Darius Kedros Fiona Macleod and Jodie Le Vesconte - photo by Lachlan Woods If you want to see a show which will make you think and feel in spades head down to Northcote Town Hall for Oil Babies. A new work written and directed by Petra Kalive and produced by Lab Kelpie , Oil Babies brings together all of our existential angst about extinction theories, continuation of the species, and the biological clock ticking away in womens' DNA within a lyrical dystopia of love, confusion and despair. Having unexpectedly fallen pregnant herself, Kalive began to ponder and reassess what it would mean for her and the planet to bring another child into the world. In the script (which you can buy at the box office) P ( Hulme ) tal

The 3 Musketeers - Theatre Review

What: The 3 Musketeers When: 1 - 11 August 2018 Where: Bluestone Church Arts Space Adapted and Directed by: Natasha Broadstock Performed by: Lore Burns, Craig Cremin, Joti Gore, Victoria Haslam, Scott Jackson, James Malcher, Angelique Malcolm,  and Lucy Norton Costumes by: Romy Sweetnam Lighting by: John Collopy Sound by: Patrick Slee Craig Cremin - photo by Michael Foxington The 3 Musketeers is a swashbuckling night of swagger and swank taking place at the Bluestone Church Arts Space in Footscray. A stage adaptation of the epic novel by Alexandre Dumas, the show sets out to take the chill out of winter with galloping sword fights, gorgeous gowns, and gallant knights of yore. The story of The 3 Musketeers - Dumas' musketeers that is - is the story of young D'Artagnan who sets out to join the King's Guard and manages to bumble everything. In spite of himself, and with the burning desire to right wrongs and save the world, he hooks up with three real Musketee