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Romeo & Juliet - Theatre Review

What: Romeo & Juliet When: 6 - 16 December 2018 Where: The Rose Garden, St Kilda Botanical Gardens Written by: William Shakespeare Directed by: Jennifer Sarah Dean Musical direction by: Ben Colley Performed by: Lucy Best, Benjamin Colley, Matthew Connell, Anthony Craig, Lilliana Dalton, Carly Ellis, Tref Gare, Ayesha Gibson, Joanna Halliday, Emma Jevons, and Hunter Perske, John Reed, Karl Richmond, Paul Robertson, Andy Song, and Emily Thompson Choreography by: John Reed Set by: Karli-Rose Laredo Costumes by: Rhiannon Irving Karl Richmond, Carly Ellis, and Matthew Connell - photo by Burke Photography It is summer in Melbourne and time for all our garden Shakespeare companies to draw theatre goers and families out into the waning evening sunlight for magical mystery tours of theatre from our Anglo-patri-colonial past. The first off the blocks this year is Melbourne Shakespeare Company with that romantic old favourite, Romeo & Juliet , which is being performed in th

Alice's Theorem: A Conceptual Excretion of Thoughts - Comedy Review

What: Alice's Theorem - A Conceptual Excretion of Thoughts When: 6 - 8 December 2018 Where: Downstairs, The Butterfly Club Created and performed by: Alice Albon Directed by: Fiona Scott-Norman Alice Albon It's the time of the year when all we want is a good drink and an even better laugh and you will be hard pressed to find any show on at the moment which will make you laugh as often or as hard as Alice's Theorem: A Conceptual Excretion of Thoughts. Sadly it is only on for a couple of days at The Butterfly Club so you have to hurry if you don't want to miss this collection of surprising, witty, and - at times - gross collection of mind droppings. Alice's Theorem was first created in 2017 and performed in Ballarat ( Albon is a Federation Uni graduate). Having sat through this ode to the acceptance of death cataloguing ways to enjoy your death experience I am not surprised to see it reprised and absolutely expect to see it reappear in the future. Let m