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Take A Seat - Theatre Review

What: Take A Seat When: 25 - 29 January Where: The Butterfly Club Written and Directed by: Kieran Gould-Dowen Performed by: Mursal Ahmadi, Alexander Gavioli, Kotryna Gesait, Jaya Jamieson, Adrian Quintarelli, Emily Scerri, and Ryan Stewart. Dramaturgy by: Ange Arabatzis Ryan Stewart, Adrian Quintarelli, Alexander Gavioli, Kotryna Gesait, Emily Scerri, and Jaya Jamieson Take A Seat  is the new play by a rather prolific young theatre maker and writer,  Kieran Gould-Dowen , which is playing on the downstairs stage at  The Butterfly Club . A story about an array of people who are waiting for final judgement, this is a surprisingly positive story - or set of stories - and is a play people with a religious bent will love. This play is very ambitious, covering an vast range of fatal circumstances. I am not sure if Gould-Dowen was somehow trying to process a personal experience when he wrote this but the play could use a bit of whittling to allow a more personal connection for the

Glory Box: Lucky 13! - Cabaret Review

What: Glory Box: Lucky 13! When: 24 - 29 January Where: Fairfax Studio, Arts Centre Melbourne Performed by: Rhonda Burchmore, Moira Finucane, Kamahi Djordan King, Yeshe Maherete, Mark McLauchlan, Rocky Stone, and Azaria Universe Holly Durant Once again Finucane and Smith bring us the next iteration of Glory Box: Lucky 13! playing at the Fairfax Studio as part of the Midsumma Festival. Along with Finucane and Smith regulars, each night the show is overflowing with special guests of world renown so you can go every night of the season and have a completely unique and inspiring evening of entertainment. What a great idea! Glory Box is a show designed to celebrate who and what we are as individuals and as human beings. It is about destroying stereotypes and celebrating the unique and unexpected. A female naked body is meant to be sultry and beckoning, but wait until you see Universe in 'Pearls'. A woman is supposed to be hair free in these modern times but you will lau

Kooza - Circus Review

What: Kooza When: 20 January - 26 March 2017 Where: Flemington Racecourse Written and directed by: David Shiner Composed by: Jean-Francois Cote Choreography by: Clarence Ford Performed by: Irina Akimova, Ninjin Altankhuyag, Miguel Berlanga, Marie-Eve Bisson, Yao Deng Bo, Andrei Butar, Paul Butlerm Talita De Lima,  Fernando Diaz, Roberto Quiros Dominguez, Vincente Quiros Dominguez, Alexander Eliseev, Peter Fand, Aaron Felske, Michael Garner, Alessandra Gonzalez, Egor Grachev, Jimmy Ibarra, Sunderiya Jargalsaikhan, Kevin Johnson, Alexander Kashlev, Laura Kmetko, Fritz Kraai, Sunderiya Jargalsaikhan, Alexey Lozgachev, Bayarmunkh Munkhbayasgalan, Carl Murr, Vladimir Panfilov, Elizaveta Parmenova, Denis Pirogov, Ghislain Ramage, Lisa Marie Ramey, Brayhan Sanchez, Flouber Sanchez, Sergey Semavin, Yury Shavro, Ronald Solis, Marina Tikhonenko, Olga Tutynina, Mike Tyus, Andrey Vostrikov, and Vladislav Zolotarev Set by: Stephane Roy Costumes by: Marie-Chantal Vaillancourt Lighting by: M

Legends In Concert - Music Review

What: Legends In Concert When: 18 - 20 January Where: The Palms At Crown Performers: J.C. Brando, Damien Brantley, David Brighton, Kimberly Goltry, Kevin Mills, Frank Moore, and Kelly Smith Legends In Concert Everything 80s is hot again and to celebrate The Palms at Crown has brought Legends In Concert back to Melbourne after a 17 year absence. Madonna, Prince, Micheal Jackson, David Bowie, and a couple of ring-ins (Adele and Elvis Presley) take our minds off the scorching summer heat to bring us some of the favourite songs we grew up and with all the iconic moves we learnt on the dance floor. 2016 was a difficult year for the music industry and many great artists were lost to us, so it was wonderful to have the evening kicked off with the one and only Prince (Moore). 'Purple Rain' nearly brought the house down and I was jumping out of my seat with 'Little Red Corvette' and '1999'. A new addition to the Legends In Concert line up is Olivia Newto

A Night At The Musicals - Cabaret Review

What: A Night At The Musicals When: 18 - 22 January Where: Fairfax Studio, Arts Centre Melbourne Performed by: Le Gateau Chocolat and Jonny Woo Le Gateau Chocolat You may think 'you've seen one musicals cabaret, you've seen them all' but nothing could be further from the truth with A Night At The Musicals now playing in the Fairfax Studio for Midsumma Festival. Le Gateau Chocolat and Jonny Woo have created an evening of experiences which are fun, intelligent and fall on the floor funny which brought the house down last night and had people jumping out of their seats to give them an ovation. There were a few tried and true numbers, but most of the evening consisted of very surprising choices performed in unexpected ways. Rather than just being a 'best of' type of show, Chocolat and Woo have put together a clever commentary (I wouldn't call it parody), playfully poking loving fun at the tropes of musical performances common across the globe. Begi

Room On The Broom - Theatre Review

What: Room On The Broom When: 4 - 15 January Where: The Playhouse Theatre Directed by: Olivia Jacobs Music and Lyrics by: John Fiber, Robin Price, and Andy Shaw Performed by: Crystal Hegedis, Nat Jobe, Andreas Lohmeyer, and Chandel Rose Puppets by: Yvonne Stone Design by: Morgan Large Lighting by: James Whiteside Nat Jobe, Crystal Hegedis, and Chandel Rose Room On The Broom  is the hit children's show playing at the Arts Centre Melbourne this January. The show is a theatre adaptation of the book of the same name written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. Room On The Broom  has been a massive success since it was published in 2001. In 2012 it was adapted into a 3D short film and now it is a stage play. If you go to the  website  there are also online games and activity books for purchase.  Written by the same creators who gave us  The Gruffalo, Room On The Broom  is chock full of endearing characters, and enough thrills and surprises to keep even th