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 WHAT: Madwomen Monologues (2022) WHEN: 7 - 12 November 2022 WHERE: The Butterfly Club - Upstairs WRITTEN BY:  Claire Bowen, Bridgette Burton, Cerise de Gelder, Dana Leslie Goldstein, Dana Hall, Louise Hopewell, Alison Knight, Sharmini Kumar, Katrina Mathers, Jessica Rijs, Kate Rotherham, and Seon Williams DIRECTED BY: Nadia Andary,  Chris Boek, Natasha Boyd, Lore Burns,  Emma Drysdale, Gemma Flannery, Bruce Langdon, Lucy Norton, Adele Shelley, Patrick Slee,  Carl Whiteside, and Seon Williams PERFORMED BY:  Nadia Andary, Carolyn Dawes,  Gemma Flannery, Isabella Gilbert, Benji Groenewegen, El Kiley, Bridgette Kucher, Melanie Madrigali, Katrina Mathers, Tenielle Thompson, and Seon Williams Melanie Madrigali - Photo courtesy of Baggage Productions It has been 12 years since  Baggage Productions birthed the Madwomen Monologues  and despite all that has happened in that time (and hasn't there been a lot!) the concept and outcomes are still top notch. This year the Madwomen Monologues