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THE RAPTURE Art vs Extinction: THE BATHTUB EDITION - Performance Review

WHAT: The Rapture (Art vs Extinction) - The Bathtub Edition WHEN: 22 July - 5 August 2021 WHERE: Zoom WRITTEN BY: Moira Finucane COMPOSED BY: Rachel Lewindon PERFORMED BY: Moira Finucane and Rachel Lewindon Rachel Lewindon It seems so fitting that my return to reviewing should feature the latest iteration of Finucane and Smith 's The Rapture: Art vs Extinction . This time around it is The Bathtub Edition . Performed live over Zoom, Moira Finucane takes us back to Antarctica and the extinct Auks, exploring synergies with our current global dilemma - pandemic.  Many live performance artists have resisted embracing remote, digital performance and for good reason. Zoom seems to be the best platform for this application but we are all subject to the vagaries of internet failures and data compression. On the other hand, how many times have actors dropped lines, forgotten props or had costume malfunctions? The show must go on and The Bathtub Edition shows us why. Nobody thought the pand