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MAYA DRIVE - Theatre Review

 WHAT: Maya Drive WHERE: La Mama HQ WHEN: July 27 - August 7 2022 WRITTEN BY: Milton DIRECTED BY: Jonathan Shaw COSTUMES BY: Jane Hyland LIGHTING & STAGE MANAGEMENT BY: Chuck Martin PERFORMED BY: Stella Economou, Cassiel Garward, Emma Jo McKay, Tom Pickering, Lily Thomson, Matthew Richard Walsh,  Matthew Richard Walsh, Lily Thomson, Cassiel Garward - photo by Darren Gill Maya Drive is the intriguing new play at La Mama HQ . Focusing around issues of mental health, it is a planetary swirl of family, friends, myth, and legend.  This is the second show by Milton (playwright) to be performed at La Mama. Based on reviews of the previous work - Chronic - I suggest Maya Drive shows a much greater focus and control. It has the added bonus of exposing a playwright who understands words and dialogue have an art of their own - separate but inseparable from discourse and chatter. Milton has written a play in which the words are visceral and musical and harsh and pleading. Swirling around th

FUTURE.JOY.CLUB - Cabaret Review

 WHAT: FUTURE.JOY.CLUB WHEN: 7 July - 7 August 2022 WHERE: LaTrobe Ballroom, Sofitel Hotel ALCHEMISED BY: Moira Finucane and Jackie Smith PERFORMED BY: Govind Pillai, Iva Rosebud, Jazida, Lois Onley, Mama Alto, Moira Finucane, Rachel Lewindon, Sophie Koh Moira Finucane - Photo by Jodie Hutchison Book now! Book now! Book now! There is still time to see FUTURE.JOY.CLUB and this is exactly the show your soul needs right now. Emerging from a litany of lockdowns Finucane and Smith Unlimited have gifted us with this glorious show of pure love, pure life, and pure laughter. They are the harbingers of the future, the harbingers of joy, the harbingers of our restored humanity. Known for their amazing and spectacular costumes, Moira Finucane starts the show in her jammies. Why not? We just spent 2 years learning that PJs are not just for bedtime. Whilst this single statement is somewhat ironic and suitably surprising, it also speaks to what F UTURE.JOY.CLUB is about. This is a show which ack

LATE, LATE AT NIGHT - Cabaret Review

 WHAT: Late, Late At Night WHEN: 10 July, 2022 WHERE: MEMO Music Hall WRITTEN BY: Kieran Carroll DIRECTED BY: Robert Johnson PERFORMED BY: Jackson Carroll Jackson Carroll - photo by Thomasin McCuaig The lockdowns are over and we are becoming brave enough to congregate in groups and share the experience of live entertainment. Theatre has dragged itself out of the primordial sludge it was flung into in 2020 and many a new and exciting project has hatched. For Kieran Carroll (writer) this is a new personality based cabaret to add to his stable of like products. Having had a bit of a COVID erratic regional tour, I got to see the show for a one-off performance at the MEMO Music Hall .  I am familiar with Kieran Carroll's previous works Newk ! and Dahlin'! It's The Jeanne Little Show .  I was mildly surprised to hear the new project was about Rick Springfield but I was a huge fan when he was at his peak and I would literally crawl through gravel to hear 'Don't Talk To