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Delilah - Theatre Review

What: Delilah When: 20 - 25 February 2018 Where: The Butterfly Club Written by: Clare Hennessy Directed by: Romi Kupfer Performed by: Laura McAloney, Francesca O'Donnell, and Sass Pinci Design by Abbie Lea-Hough Dramaturgy by: Glenn Saunders Sass Pinci and Laura McAloney Delilah is a new one act play being presented at The Butterfly Club this month. Presented by Left of Centre , it sits in an unusual space somewhere between a staged reading and a full production. I found this quite intriguing because it seems to allow for a work to be considered produced for funding and competition purposes without having to manage and resource what we would generally consider a produced work. I suspect we will see a lot more of this type of production in the near future so we will probably have to come up with a name for it. On the plus side, a production of this scale really highlights the script and allows the cast the freedom to let go of the book which can be quite inhibiting i

Romeo & Juliet - Theatre Review

What: Romeo & Juliet When: 9 - 18 February 2018 Where: Queens Park, Moonee Ponds Written by: William Shakespeare Directed by: Alan Chambers Performed by: Alexandra Aldrich, Lore Burns, Brendan Ewing, Victoria Haslam, Ty Holdsworth, Katharine Innes, Todd Levi, Masashi Shimamoto, Letitia Sutherland, and Harry Tseng. Victoria Haslam In an ode to Baz Luhrmann - and more specifically Leonardo Di Caprio - Sly Rat brings spectacle and imagination to the Shakespeare in the park classic, Romeo and Juliet. Over the top and with a keen eye to beauty and detail, what sets Sly Rat's production apart from every version before it is the outstanding interpretation of Juliet which shapes the entire production and makes this show leap into the category of extraordinary and truly contemporary. Director  Alan Chambers has taken a look - a real look - at what Juliet says and how she talks and realised that this character transcends the moment. Juliet often speaks as if from hindsight

Glitterfist: Libertine - Cabaret Review

What: Glitterfist - Libertine When: 30 January - 3 February 2018 Where: The 86 Written by: Bree Zilla Composition by: Toyah Hoetzel Performed by: Glitterfist, Jessica McKerlie, and Six Inches Uncut Jessica McKerlie, Glitterfist and Six Inches Uncut It's Midsumma Festival time so the way the trio in this photo are dressed is pretty much the norm rather than the exception right about now. Having said that, even as the mask of night slips away and the sun wakes us up, a whole lot of that glitter and sparkle is finding its way into the daylight hours. Even our 'day drag' - as Glitterfist calls it - is discreetly celebrating excess as metallics, sequins, animal prints and bling bedazzle offices and educational institutions giving expression to, and worshipping our individuality. Playing at The 86, Glitterfist:Libertine is all about worship; worshipping the polytheism of indulgence, the glory of glitz and glam, and -most importantly - worshipping ourselves by ind