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PROTEIN - Comedy Review

 WHAT: Protein WHEN: 25 - 27 August 2022 WHERE: MC Showroom WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY: Darby James DIRECTED BY: Clary Riven Darby James You know what it's like. That day when nothing goes right and everything you touch, see or hear turns into a catastrophe which just keeps piling onto the trauma you are experiencing. Darby James certainly knows what days like that feel like and he tells us all about it in his comedy show Protein at MC Showroom this week. James has a residency with MC Showroom, hosting a Monday night musical comedy show every week through to December, so it is not surprising to see this show forming a part of the venue's first curated program for 2022. Having said that, Protein stands on it's own two feet as a solid show worthy of audiences. It had me thinking of the work Hannah Gadsby does and that could very well be the highest praise I can give an emerging comedian. The premise is a simple one. Charlie (James) is a millenial gay man going through an ex


 WHAT: The Marvellous Life of Carlo Gatti WHEN: 3 - 13 August 2022 WHERE: Theatreworks - Explosives Factory WRITTEN BY: Cassandra-Elli Yiannacou DIRECTED BY: Chris Hosking PERFORMED BY: Connor Dariol, Hayley Edwards, El Kiley, and Shamita Siva Connor Dariol, El Kiley, and Shamita Siva - photo by Sarah J Clarke Let's start with trigger warnings which neither the production team nor venue thought were needed for The Marvellous Life of Carlo Gatti . If you feel you need support after seeing this play please contact Beyond Blue or Lifeline . Next, let's advise that the new Theatreworks venue, Explosives Factory , is not accessible (not even for abled bodied people who are fully sighted  if you count the first step and also the rostra design for the seating bank). There is no stage manager credited which is probably why I just had to do this. Now that we are all safe, I will get on with the review. Cassandra-Elli Yiannacou is an emerging writer who appears to have a fascination w