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 What: Transcendence When: 23 - 28 January 2023 Where: The Butterfly Club (Upstairs) Written and Directed by: Wayne Stellini Performed by: Kyle Cuthbert, Ivan Koetsveld, Anthony Pontonio, and Michael Robins Stage Managed by: Fulya Kantarmaci Michael Robins and Anthony Pontonio Midsumma Festival is here and Melbourne is full of fun and fabulous things to see and do which are all very glittery and outrageous. Underneath all the celebration and love though, lies a historic and still current narrative of pain and struggle for people to be accepted for who they are and to be allowed to speak/live their truths. Straddling both the pain and the glitter is a little play showing at The Butterfly Club called Transcendence . Transcendence , written by Wayne Stellini , is the story of a 15 year old young man who is facing perhaps the most critical moment of his life. It begins with a fairly normal and sweet scene between father, Robert, (Michael Robins) and son, William, ( Anthony Pontonio ). Th

MOTHERLOD_^E - Theatre Review

What: MOTHERLOD_^E When: 4 - 14th January 2023 Where: Theatre Works Created by: Matilda Gibbs, Belle Hansen, Amelia Newman Directed by: Belle Hansen Composition by: Jack Burmeister Performed by: Brandon Armstrong, Bugs Baschera, Jorje Bently, Xanthe Blaise, Gabriel Cali, Hattie Elliot, Matilda Gibbs, Anna Fujihara, Mila Lawson, Anna Louey, Isabella Patane, Nicola Pohl, Lila Summers-Dixon, and Liam Trumble Lighting by: Sidney Younger Cinematography by: Hannah Jennings Stage Managed by: Brigette Jennings Jorja Bently, Xanthe Blaise and Gabriel Cali - photo by Daniel Rabin 2023 kicks off with an entertaining bang in Frenzy Theatre's physical theatre creation,  MOTHERLOD_^E . being presented at Theatre Works . Are you an old school gamer? Did you move into ' The Sims ' neighbourhood? Are you still a resident now? Then buy your ticket and take the virtual/reality ride of the summer with  MOTHERLOD_^E. MOTHERLOD_^E is an amazingly authentic real-life version of 'The Sims