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Rogue Romantic - Cabaret Review

What: Rogue Romantic When: 29 March - 2 April Where: Melba Spiegeltent Created and performed by: Anya Anastasia Directed by: Wes Snelling Musical Direction by: Lucien McGuiness Anya Anastasia Rogue Romantic is Anastasia 's newest solo cabaret performance following such hits as Metawhore! and Torte E Mort . A witty and rapier sharp lyricist, talented musician, and sexy-as-hell cabaret artist her shows are funny and pointed as she is a veritable prodigy of tease. I first came across Anastasia in Miss Everheart presents: Early Burly and at the time I commented on how bawdy and clever her acts were, teasing the mind unmercifully. This hasn't changed. Anastasia begins the night flopped on the piano before drearily falling into a melody of unrequited love. She talks of losing her marbles and how 'they are becoming a trip hazard'. After you stop laughing at the unexpected turn of the lyric it is clear this will be a night of the delightfully unexpected housed

Miss Everheart Presents: Early Burly - Cabaret Review

What: Miss Everheart Presents:  Early Burly When: 27 February Where: The Butterfly Club Performed by:  Ainslee Adams, Anya Anastasia, Adelaide Everheart, Caterina Vitt Image courtesy of Jackson Auditore Burlesque is a word that has evolved in meaning and intention over the centuries.  Originally a term used to designate literature, drama, or music created for the purpose of causing laughter through caricature, in modern times the most common understanding is that of variety shows involving strip tease.  Yes, we can blame the Americans for that. In modern times, even the idea of it being for laughter is not part of the common parlance – with most lay people, when they talk of burlesque, focussing on sexualised performance a la men’s clubs, The Pussycat Dolls, and pretty much any modern female pop music video.  Again, let’s blame the Americans... Early Burly is a burlesque show which covers all the definitions you might have come across for that genre.  Our energ

C'est La Vie - Theatre Review

What: C'est La Vie When: 13 - 17 March 2017 Where: The Owl and Cat Theatre Written by: Stephanie Silver Directed by: Thomas Ian Doyle Performed by: Andy Aisbett, Carolyn Dawes, Jakob Duniec, Gabrielle Savrone, Katie Ann Stirk, and Indiana Tali Gabrielle Savrone and Katie Ann Stirk C'est La Vie (or Such Is Life) is the new world premier which has opened this week at The Owl and Cat Theatre in Richmond. It is a very short season, closing on Friday, so don't wait because if you blink you will miss it and that would be a great shame. The team have put in a massive effort to get this show up in only two weeks (because of some very unfortunate events) and to be honest, it is as good - if not better - than many shows which have twice as long and five times the resources. C'est La Vie, written by Silver, is a play which weaves between six people who become intertangled in each others lives. There is some commentary on a mythical dissolution of Medicare and it'