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False Advertising - Cabaret Review

What: False Advertising When: 21 - 24 August 2019 Where: Downstairs, The Butterfly Club Created by: Jenna Featherstone Performed by: Matthew Nutley and Jenna Featherstone Jenna Featherstone A fun new cabaret came to The Butterfly Club with the insouciance of Mad Men and the dryness of Utopia . Jenna Featherstone took us inside the spin and grin of the advertising world in False Advertising and boy, did she let it all hang out - to dry! Although Featherstone has had a substantial advertising career with major clients (and you find out just how big they are/were in the show), she is also a performer with a significant background in musical theatre. It makes perfect sense to combine her talents in campaign design, copy writing, and singing to come up with this cheeky little cabaret. Like most of us, Featherstone had something of a love affair with the TV series Mad Men , and as she began her first tentative steps into the world of advertising her head was filled with thou

How I Met My Dead Husband - Cabaret Review

What: How I Met My Dead Husband When: 24 August - 7 September 2019 Where: Bluestone Church Arts Space Written by: Lansy Feng Directed by: Belinda Campbell Performed by: Simone Cremona, Lansy Feng, and Lauren Kaye Set by: Abbey Stanway Costumes by: Georgina Hanley Lighting by: Jennifer Piper Stage Managed by: Henry O'Brien Lansy Feng - Photo by Jack Dixon-Gunn A love story spanning lifetimes, How I Met My Dead Husband is as funny as it is heartbreaking. Lansy Feng brings her soul to the stage in this surprising tale of star crossed lovers being presented by Wit Inc at the Bluestone Church Arts Space  for the next fortnight before a short return season at The Bowery Theatre . Australians are taking a moment to search back through their cultural heritage and share their stories and for Feng that means exploring her Taiwanese background. Exploring the Buddhist concept of reincarnation and the role of destiny in determining our lives, Feng tells us the story of Chuen-

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory - Musical Review

What: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory When: 9 August - 3 November 2019 Where: Her Majesty's Theatre Book by: David Greig Music by: Marc Shaiman Lyrics by: Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman Directed by: Jack O'Brien Orchestration by: Doug Besterman Featuring: Benjamin Belsey, Lucy Maunder, Tony Sheldon, Elijah Slavinskis, Paul Slade Smith, Edgar Stirling, Lenny Thomas, and Lachlan Young. Choreography by: Joshua Bergasse Design by: Mark Thompson Lighting by: Japhy Weideman Sound by: Andrew Keister Projections by: Jeff Sugg Puppets by: Basil Twist Lenny Thomas and Tony Sheldon It is time to indulge your sweet tooth and head on down to Her Majesty's for Charlie and The Chocolate Factory . A night of shockingly funny spectacle and lots of laughs, this production is a hoot. I don't know how you grow up in the modern Western world and not at least have a passing familiarity with the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . The book, the films, the golde

Wild Cherries - Theatre Review

What: Wild Cherries When: 14 - 25 August 2019 Where: La Mama Courthouse Written by: Daniel Keene Directed by: Beng Oh Performed by: Lucy Ansell, Molly Broadstock, Milijana Cancar, Dennis Coard, Carmelina di Guglielmo, Kim Ho, Troy Larkin and Enzo Nazario Set and costume by: Emily Collett Lighting by: Shane Grant Sound by: Ben Keene Stage managed by: Teri Steer Molly Broadstock and Milijana Cancar- photo by Sarah Walker Riffing off the work of Chekhov , La Mama presents a new play by Daniel Keene (writer) to the stage. Wild Cherries shifts the lens of The Cherry Orchard and examines the plight of labour slaves rather than the ruling elite. Beginning as short pieces about modern slavery written for Sydney Theatre Company for a project which was never realised, Daniel Keene crafted the idea into a mirror play for The Cherry Orchard . Whilst Daniel Keene and director Oh say in the program notes Wild Cherries is looking at modern slavery, the construction and style h

Helping Hands - Theatre Review

What: Helping Hands When: 7-10 August 2019 Where: La Mama Courthouse Directed by: Hannah Aroni, Jess Gonzalvez, and James Matthews Performed by: Tara Daniel, Vanessa Di Natale, Emily Griffith, Dee Matthews, Artemis Munoz, Aislinn Murray, and Alexander Woollatt Set and lighting by: John Collopy Costumes by: Hannah Aroni Sound by: Jacinta Anderson Stage Managed by: Jacinta Anderson and Loughlin Turpin Tara Daniels (with Uncle Bob) - photo by Alexis Desaulniers-Lea Helping Hands is a phenomenal piece of theatre now showing at La Mama Courthouse and I strongly advise everyone to go and see it. Presented by neurodiverse theatre company A_tistic , this show is a comedically serious investigation into how neurodiversity manifests in our society and what help does and might look like in order for people to flourish. Helping Hands is devised theatre show inspired by an essay called Quiet Hands . The theatrical project began as a creative development and spun off into a array