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IN THE HOUSE OF THE SUN - Theatre Review

 WHAT: In The House Of The Sun WHEN: 18 - 22 October 2022 WHERE: Queen Victoria Women's Centre WRITTEN & PERFORMED BY: Rebecca Perich DIRECTED BY: Margaret Mills CHOREOGRAPHED BY: Jessica MacCallum Cruz Rebecca Perich I thought I knew a lot about Greek mythology. I have read both the Illiad and the Odyssey . I have read or seen most of the major Ancient Greek plays still trotting around the globe. I studied Antigone   and have written Athena . I know how choruses and masks work. I am an educated woman with a solid grounding in the literary classics. Or so I thought. Watching In The House Of The Sun last night I came to realise I know nothing. I know the words on all the pieces of paper but as is true of all Western history, I only know the stories as told by men. Inspired by Jennifer Saint's Ariadne , Rebecca Perich has decided to present a dance theatre ( tanztheatre ) experience of what life would have been like for Ariadne and all that she witnessed and experienced.

2 PROUD 2 PREJUDICED: An Austen-tatious Cabaret - Cabaret Review

 WHAT: 2 Proud 2 Prejudiced: An Austen-tatious Cabaret WHEN: 10 - 23 October 2022 WHERE: The Butterfly Club (Upstairs)/Digital Fringe CREATED BY: Picked Last For Sport PERFORMED BY: Sarah Edgar, Freya Long, Ryan Smith, Sean Sully, and Melissa Viola (with a special guest appearance by Colin Firth). Sean Sully, Freya Long, Ryan Smith, Sarah Edgar, and Melissa Viola - photo by Emma Thomas I once got in trouble with my year 9 English teacher for comparing the novels of Jane Austen to the Mills & Boon book empire. I never found out whether she was upset that I considered Austen's writing to not be literature or if she thought I was calling Mills & Boon books literature. I truly loved Mills & Boon books at the time, so it was not meant to be an insult. I am older and wiser now, but I still stand by my comment. I have read Austen's entire collection and I agree with the Universe. Pride and Prejudice is the best and yes, I identified with Lizzie just like I identified wi

TATTLE TALES - Theatre Review

 WHAT: Tattle Tales WHEN: 7 - 15 October 2022 WHERE: Bard's Apothecary CREATED & PERFORMED BY: Davey Seagle LIGHTING & SOUND BY: Sophie Parker COSTUMES BY: Alloquois Callaway-Hoilman STAGE MANAGED BY: Natalie Baghoumian Davey Seagle - photo by Aaron Cornelius The mysterious, the arcane, the magical - Melbournians love this stuff. We also love improvisation and games and storytelling in all it's different forms. This year's Melbourne Fringe Festival entry, Tattle Tales brings all of this and more as Davey Seagle draws us in to a den of secrets and sorcery at Bard's Apothecary. Tattle Tales is an interactive event which celebrates the ancient tradition of people gathering and sharing stories. The venue, Bard's Apothecary, is perfect pre-performance framing and allows you to grab your mead of choice before you descend a narrow staircase into a cavern below, gently lit with fairy lights. Ambient music fills the room. Sitting quietly, directly ahead, is Seagl