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US. - Theatre Review

WHAT: Us. WHEN: 30 July - 7 August 2021 WHERE: Zoom WRITTEN BY: Morgan Rose  DIRECTED BY: Katrina Cornwell DESIGN BY: Emily Collett SOUND DESIGN BY: Justin Gardam STAGE MANAGED BY: Jacinta Anderson PERFORMED BY: Julia Chilcott, Samuel Gaskin, Noray Hosny, Ashanti Joy, Raelah Piata Lascelles, Jackson Reid, Paula Reid,  and Jessy Soliman Ashanti Joy, Paula Reid, Noray Hosny and Jackson Reid I always get excited when I see completely independent artists creating on similar themes at the same time. That is when I know there is a zeitgeist occurring. Having watched Us . and The Rapture: The Bathtub Edition within days of each other I know Melbourne is experiencing the zeitgeist of hope. Hope is a curious creature. It fills us full of so many emotions: excitement, joy, fear, dread, uncertainty, wonder, curiosity... Our bodies course with adrenaline which keeps us alert for danger, but also gives us a shot of dopamine to give us the confidence to take risks. This is the underlying message o