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Changes - Music Review

What: Changes - A Tribute to the music of David Bowie Where: Gasworks Arts Park When: 27 July - 6 August Direction by: Kendall-Jane Rundle Musical Direction by: Jeff Wortman Costumes by: Jessica Allie Lighting Design: Bryn Cullen and Rob Sowinski Performed by: Jacqui Essing, Charlotte Fox, Candice, Lillian, Isabelle Mulrooney,Kendall-Jane Rundle, Benjamin Samuel, Melanie Stevens, and Robot Child. Stage Managed by: Michael Wilson                                          PHOTO COURTESY OF ENCORE PR Changes is a fun night chock full of all the greatest music created over the decades by David Bowie. From Space Oddity , through the Ziggy Stardust years, and onto the 80's pop era, this is a night which will leaving you reeling as you remember the truly phenomenal talent and contribution Bowie made to world of music. The first act is more of a Greatest Hits collection (my favourites were 'Fashion' and 'Young American), the second act seemed to focus on the musi

A Very Modern Marriage - Theatre Review

What: A Very Modern Marriage Where: The Owl and Cat Theatre When: 26-29 July Written by: Arthur M Jolly Directed by: Gabrielle Savrone Performed by: Tom Carty, Jayden Popik, and Ali Viterbi. The latest offering at The Owl and Cat is an American comedy A Very Modern Marriage  written by Los Angeles writer, Jolly. It has the flavour of sitcoms whilst dealing with the big issues of trust, marriage, and sexual orientation. Jolly is a prolific writer, working across screen and stage and his writing in this play does show the screen influences very strongly. Generally speaking Jolly writes comedy and heightened realism and this play tends to fall into the later category although it is billed as a comedy. To me it felt more like a funny drama than a true comedy although the play is full of zingers and has many recognisable TV sitcom techniques and structures. My hesitation to call it a true comedy is partly because much of the subject matter is very serious - broken relationship

Flash - Theatre Review

What: Flash Where: Owl & Cat Theatre When: 5-15 July Written by: Francis Grin Directed by: Carl Whiteside Performed by: Casey Bohan, Ruby Duncan, Brett Fairbairn, Will Sutherland, and Dominic Weintraub. Set by: Sonja Mounsey                                                PHOTO COURTESY OF OWL & CAT THEATRE Flash is an intriguing new British play being presented at the Owl & Cat Theatre this month. Written by Francis Grin, Flash is a story about psychopathy, peer pressure, and abuse, and is a great tale for these cold winter nights. It's not a ghost story but it could very well leave you with nightmares. Grin begins the story at the end, and as the clock winds back the events of the preceding evening are unfolded. Interspersed are time jumping vignettes of the protagonist (Christian) at home with his father. This idea of moving backwards through the story creates a much more chilling effect than a normal forward revealing approach would have done. If you