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Songs Unsung - Music Review

What: Songs Unsung When: 18 April 2020 Where: YouTube Performed by: Daniel Assetta and Nicholas Griffin Lighting by: Peter Rubie Daniel Assetta The internet is full of people finding ways to express their work in a live format whilst keeping themselves and the rest of the community safe. Sole Sessions has found a way to allow performers who have lost their gigs a chance to perform and earn at least a bit of money to help them get by. Daniel Assetta leads the charge with his half hour homage to musical theatre in Songs Unsung . The show took place live on the 18th April, but with the magic of YouTube you can listen to Assetta's magical voice (and Nicholas Griffin's excellent keyboard skills) as often as you like. It's better than radio because you don't have annoying announcers or ads or competitions! Assetta is a musical theatre star in the making and whilst I can't comment on his dancing, I can tell you his voice is one of those magical tenors which g

Cooped Up Cabaret - Cabaret Review

What: Cooped Up Cabaret When: 4 April, 2020 Where: Zoom Created and presented by: Sophie deLightful and Timothy Christopher Ryan Performed by: Avril Angel, The Mighty Ceasar, Celestial Circus, Evelyn Coulson, The Old Married Couple, Sophie deLightful, Monty Montgomery, Kitty Obsidian, Timothy Christopher Ryan, and Kindled Spirits The Mighty Ceasar So you think live performance is on sabattical because of physical distancing? Not on your life. Artists are racking their brains and working around the clock finding ways to not only bring performance to the audience, but more specifically to bring live performance into your home. Two of the trail blazers in this arena are Sophie deLightful and Timothy Christopher Ryan with their fortnightly Zoom offering, Cooped Up Cabaret . Yes, it's not the same as being squashed into a dark black hole with a bunch of stangers and forced to be silent for an hour or more, but that is it's strength. And no, it is not reality TV... or

The Glam Gizmo - Podcast Review

What: The Glam Gizmo Launch Date: 28 March, 2020 Written and produced by: Tom Denham Featuring: Clint Facey and AJ Winters The Glam Gizmo is the newest podcast out of the SYN stable and it takes off like a rocket. Created by writer and engineer Denham , The Glam Gizmo is sci-fi comedy horror filled with all the best Scooby Doo style plot points and effects needed to keep us guessing and keep us laughing at the same time. Full of a certain macabre humour, the best thing about The Glam Gizmo is the characters. Whilst the two leads, Max ( Facey ) and Lucy ( Winters ) are Everyman characters, the supporting characters are a total hoot. They are ghoulish and gruesome in a hilariously loveable way. The set up is fairly straight forward. Oliver Keppel (Stefan Bradley) has created a device which rips holes between different dimensions and strange phenomena are crossing over into our world. In this first episode it is the snakeman Boltizor ( Anthony Bradshaw ) who is into puppet