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Have You Tried Yoga? - Theatre Review

What: Have You Tried Yoga? When: 15 - 17 June 2017 Where: The Owl and Cat Theatre Created by: Rachel Edmonds Developed and performed by: Martin Astifo and Rachel Edmonds Sound by: Micah Edmonds Stage Managed by: Jack Wilkinson Rachel Edmonds, Jack Wilkinson, and Martin Astifo Every so often a show comes along which is entertaining, intellectually stimulating, and socially significant. Whilst technically still a show in development, Have You Tried Yoga? is one of those shows and it would be a tragedy if you miss it which is a real possibility because the last performance for this iteration is tomorrow's matinee (this performance is also being Auslan interpreted).   Have You Tried Yoga? is part of The Owl and Cat Theatre's current Platform series which is a set of four shows in development. Created by Rachel Edmonds , Have You Tried Yoga? is an exploration of the lived experience of people with a range of disabilities. It expresses their voice, their attitude