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ROUGH TRADE: Theatre Review

WHAT: Rough Trade WHEN: 19 - 29 July 2023 WHERE: Theatre Works (Explosives Factory) WRITTEN & PERFORMED BY: Katie Pollock DIRECTED BY: Anthony Skuse LIGHTING BY: James Wallis SOUND BY: Cluny Edwards Katie Pollock - photo by Teniola Komolafe People come down pretty hard on Facebook as part of the whole 'let's hate on social media' zeitgeist but this platform has done a lot for connecting people in a positive way if you bother to really look at it. Some of those connections include buy/swap/sell groups and community groups like the Good Karma stable of sites. One fun version of that is the Rough Trade pages. Katie Pollock has decided to let us in on the culture and people who use Rough Trade in her play Rough Trade presented by Rogue Projects at Theatre Works Explosives Factory. The play begins with a bit of fun about the sex life of slugs and the double entendre of the phrase 'rough trade' which is a term used when men who are rich have sex with men of the wor


WHAT: Under My Tongue WHEN: 18 - 23 July 2023 WHERE: Brunswick Mechanics Institute DIRECTED BY: Belinda Locke COMPOSED BY: Emah Fox DESIGNED BY: Claudia Mirabello LIGHTING BY: Bronwyn Pringle PERFORMED BY: Amanda Lever and Joseph Stewart STAGE MANAGED BY: Celina Mack Amanda Lever and Joseph Stewart We all know about disability...we think. So often, though, people forget that some disabilities are invisible. Quite a lot, actually. With the performance piece Under My Tongue (and accompanying exhibition) director Belinda Locke interogates the barriers for people with those invisible disabilities and how they are managed. The exhibition juxtaposes respondents' answers with commentary from people with more visible disability which is intriguing and powerful. Under My Tongue is being presented by Next Wave at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute this weekend. Note , it is also available on demand via streaming until the end of July. Under My Tongue starts with a man ( Joseph Stewart )

BLUE TO THE HORIZON: Musical Theatre Review

WHAT: Blue To The Horizon WHEN: 18 - 22 July WHERE: Bluestone Church Arts Space WRITTEN BY: Sarah Wynen MUSICAL DIRECTION BY: Daniel Kim DIRECTED BY: Daniel Kim and Tess Walsh CHOREOGRAPHY BY: Tess Walsh DESIGN BY: Elaine Mackaway LIGHTING BY: Opal Essence PERFORMED BY: Stephanie Beza, Jackson Cross, Mathew Dwyer, Zoe Harlen, Lucy May Knight, Nicole Rammesh, and Kristie Thai STAGE MANAGED BY: Jordynn Hocc Mathew Dwyer, Zoe Harlen, Stephanie Beza, Nicole Rammesh, Jackson Cross, Lucy May Knight - photo supplied It really is true that some of the best theatre comes when you least expect it. I admit I was cold and tired last night and just wanted to curl up at home and stay warm and cosy. Instead I braved the night air and made my way to the Bluestone Church Arts Space only to have my socks knocked off with a wonderful and tight little musical Blue To The Horizon . Presented by Sevenfold Theatre, this show is only on until the 22nd of July so you need to jump on it quickly, but it will be

AWAY: Theatre Review

WHAT: Away WHEN: 8 - 22 July 2023 WHERE: Theatre Works (Acland St) WRITTEN BY: Michael Gow DIRECTED BY: Stephen Mitchell Wright DESIGNED BY: Greg Carroll COMPOSITION & SOUND BY: Rachel Lewindon LIGHTING BY: Ben Hughes PERFORMED BY: Iopu Auva'a, Rupert Bevan, Linda Cookson, Stefanie Falasca, Bailey Griffiths, Justin Hosking, Eleanor Howlett, Cait Spiker, Stephen Tall, and students from Collarts STAGE MANAGED BY: Brigette Jennings Stefanie Falasca and Rupert Bevan - photo by Danial Rabin There are probably only a handful of what we might call true Australian modern classic stage plays - mainly because we don't revisit them in repertory seasons. Amongst that venerable cohort sits Michael Gow's Away which is being presented this month at Theatre Works (Acland St). This play is pretty much a permanent fixture on the education curriculum so this is a great opportunity for students this year to see what happens to a play between page and stage and explore that dynamic journe