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Bully Virus - Theatre Review

What: Bully Virus When: 16 - 27 May 2018 Where: La Mama Theatre Written and directed by: Kate Herbert Composition by: Anna Durham Performed by: Jenny Lovell, Carole Patullo, and Geoff Wallis Stage Management by: Emmie Turner Jenny Lovell and Carole Patullo - photo by Joe Calleri Bully Virus is the new play currently being performed at La Mama Theatre and I urge everyone to go and see it. Written and directed by renowned theatre director, writer and critic Kate Herbert Bully Virus looks at the endemic problem of workplace bullying. Using verbatim techniques, Herbert brings us 5 harrowing stories of workplace bullying. Not surprisingly, there is an over representation of the health industry. More surprisingly perhaps, given everything which has been happening in the Melbourne theatre industry over recent years, there is no representation from that quarter. It is irrelevant though. The collection - along with an array of vox pops - produce a terrifying catalogue of workpl