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THE DESTROYER - Cabaret Review

WHAT: The Destroyer WHEN: 10 - 13 March 2022 WHERE: Arts Projects Australia Gallery WRITTEN BY: Jackie Smith DIRECTED BY: Moira Finucane COMPOSED BY: Rachel Lewindon PERFORMED BY: Maude Davey, Piera Dennerstein, Jazida, Caroline Lee, and Raina Peterson Maude Davey - image by Sarah Walker You know Melbourne is back in business when Finucane and Smith bring their craft, talent, and ensemble back to the live stage. On 10 March 2022 Melbourne was back and we know that because The Destroyer hit the 'stage' at Arts Project Australia Gallery . Finucane and Smith worked hard during the endless lockdowns to keep their version of theatre alive. As each attempt to stage a show was interrupted, Jackie Smith kept writing and Moira Finucane kept performing. Whilst Finucane was presenting bathtub editions of The Rapture , Smith dug deep into her psyche - our psyche - and created three new monologues which form the backbone of this edition of a new cabaret selection. The show begins with