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GRASS - Film Review

 WHAT: Grass WHEN: 10 - 17 October 2021 WHERE: YouTube WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY: Annabelle Mitchell CAMERA: Jack Klien Annabelle Mitchell Grass is a Melbourne Digital Fringe show playing on demand via YouTube. It is written and performed by Annabelle Mitchell and takes a look at the power of ambition and drugs and what it means to be a functional addict. Grass is an intriguing half hour which follows the journey of a woman who grew up feeling invisible. Through a chance encounter at a party she discovered a magic pill which seemed to give her drive and focus a pathway to a shining future. As I said earlier, Grass is about being a functional addict. Through the power of this pill she wins dux of the school, gets the job of her dreams and advances all the way to the top. The big question behind Grass though is what (or who) has become invisible to her? Grass is an epic poem. I found myself coming to think of it as a dark Dr Seuss  - which is intriguing because I have always found Dr