Saturday 22 July 2017

The Little Death Club - Cabaret Review

What: The Little Death Club
When: 20 - 30 July
Where: Main Tent, Grattan Gardens
Performed by: Miss Bettie Bombshell, Bernadette Byrne, Jarred P Dewey, Jess Love, and Karen From Finance
Stage Managed by: Maple Rose

Art Simone
The Little Death Club is one of the myriad of star acts which form part of the new and very exciting Provocare Festival in the Chapel Street precinct this July. Hosted by Bernadette Byrne (with ringmaster Art Simone to warm up and wrangle the crowds) The Little Death Club fills the main tent at Grattan Gardens with a host of circus and cabaret artists second to none.

Byrne is a cheeky, sexy libertine who brings her Weimar punk cabaret to Melbourne to tear down the house with laughter, irreverence and a whole lot of sexual titillation. Why is it Weimar? Because it is relaxed and luxurient and Byrne uses a terrible fake German accent. Why is it punk? Because it is cheeky and irreverant and subversive? Why is it cabaret? Because it is full of a parade of unusual and unexpected and unsurpasses talent which crosses all genres.

Everyone on stage was amazing. Byrne played with the audience like we were her puppets on a string but who cares when it means strangers start caressing your thigh? We certainly got to know each other in unexpected ways!

Jess Love brought the house down. First with a skipping, tap dancing, acrobatic routine as good and unique as anything I have ever seen. I bet you didn't event get close to what she can do with your skipping rope at home. I certainly couldn't. Later in the show she came back as a hoop artist with a serious attitude - as seriously BAD attitude. Turning all the circus tropes upside down she had us laughing and cheering as she yawned and pouted her way through the routine.

Miss Bettie Bombshell was there as was Karen From Finance. Karen had a really exciting interpretation of her makeup with a slight flavouring of a Kabuki Ghoul which added some haunting mystique to her job woes.

Jarred P Dewey wowed us on the aerial trapeze with his trans aerial acrobatic routine. This man already has the longest legs in the world and once you add 6 inch heels he turns into a giant. Watching his swing and spin and contort on the trapeze was like watching a human ribbon playing in the wind.

Smattered between all of this was the magnificent Byrne. Starting the show with the best bit of advice I have ever heard - "if you like what you see on stage let your face know" - and continuing by serenading and seducing the audience she had us swept into a fantasy of fun and excitement from beginning to end.

There is so much amazing stuff at Provocare you will have the time of your life no matter what time you go down there but do look for the sessions of The Little Death Club. Grab a drink before and after from the local bars and then continue on down Chapel Street to keep the party going.

5 Stars

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