Wednesday 24 October 2018

Jugg Life - Circus Review

What: Jugg Life
When: 18 - 21 October 2018
Where: Melba Spiegeltent
Created and performed by: Byron Hutton and Richard Sullivan
Byron Sutton and Richard Sullivan
Jugg Life is a juggling act which has been around since 2014. In 2016 Sullivan left to develop his skills in Europe, but he is back now and the show is totally fabulous. Playing at the Melba Spielgeltent as part of the Sidesault program, Sullivan and Hutton have a show which is witty, vibrant, and both adult and child friendly.

One of the aspects which sets this juggling performance a step above many others is the understanding that juggling is all about rhythm. Embracing this element Jugg Life incorporates the tom and the snare to set the marching orders of the juggling, and also incorporate the rings (and sometimes other objects) as percussive full stops and sonic players themselves. Add in sampling and looping and you have a full spectrum audi and visual feast.

The idea of a 50 minute juggling show sounds exhausting and it is - both for the jugglers, but also for the audience. Partly because even as a watcher concentrating on the juggling is tiring. The other fatiguing aspect is the amount of energy the audience expend on laughing as Sullivan and Hutton engage in juggling combat and endurance routines.

On the night I went Byron won the juggling games. Watching the two of them try to keep their clubs and rings in the air whilst also trying to interfere with their opponent was hilarious as well as tense.

As well as being master jugglers and great musicians, it turns out the Jugg Life duo also have a rare life skill. They can solve the Rubik's Cube! In amongst the many fabulous tandem work, the pair solve the cube after having an audience member mess it up for them.

There are a few more drops at the end then there were at the start but I am rather surprised their arms were still working at all to be honest. The 5 minute endurance juggle was a feat to behold, especially with a hilarious soundtrack designed to distract them and make them laugh themselves.

I totally loved Jugg Life. It is 50 minutes of great fun and both the kids in the audience and the adults had the best time. So much laughing in one show is rarely heard.

5 Stars

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