Sunday 31 March 2019

Game Boys Cinematic Universe - Comedy Review

What: Game Boys Cinematic Universe
When: 28 March - 7 April 2019
Where: Games Room, ACMI
Created and performed by: Eden Porter and Josh Porter
Eden Porter and Josh Porter
The Melbourne Comedy Festival is always jam packed with the good, the bad, and the ugly and I am so excited to tell you that Game Boys Cinematic Universe, playing at ACMI, is good. It's bloody good!

We've all been through the hype about 3D movies. Well, brothers Eden and Josh take us to the next level and bring us a 4D interactive Hollywood experience with all the bells and whistles...and controversies!

The Porter brothers have been creating comedy shows together since 2016 and in 2017 won the Golden Gibbo. Avid gamers, in the past their work has revolved around gaming and inviting their audiences to help them level up. This year the brothers step out of the virtual worlds of gaming and into the imaginary worlds of Hollywood.

In Game Boys Cinematic Universe, the pair take us on a backlot tour of Game Boys Studio. During the tour we experience auditions, foley creation, game shows, and even a 5D sensorially immersive theme park ride for one lucky audience member.

As you can probably tell by what I just said, there is an abundance of audience interaction but don't worry, it is all good fun and the brothers are experts at keeping up the pace and making the show move forward.  What makes it even more hilarious is they are having as much fun as we are and it really feels as if we are all just good mates meeting up for a good time.

Normally, when comedians laugh that much it ends up with the show halting or falling off the rails but the Porter brothers are skilled and experienced and the show never falters and some of the timing is just breath taking. There was one unexpected prop gag which was so well orchestrated with the video technology the entire room gasped in surprise and awe before doubling over in belly bouncing laughter.

As I mentioned earlier, the Porters work with 4D imagery. Whilst in a perfect world the screen would be bigger, the actual video craft they display in their video design and editing is masterful. What makes it above and beyond is how well the men have integrated their live performance with the footage so that not only does it share the space with them, but their presence in the room is at times just an extension of the footage being watched.

You may say you have seen this before, but the skill level is up there with the best and whilst I was thrown by Blue Heelers being on a Hollywood film lot, their stunt special involving a bank heist was brilliant. Only surpassed by the real life Jurassic Park theme ride.

Whether you are auditioning for an ad, participating in a game show, being a gossip reporter or a foley engineer, everyone gets a chance to have a great time in Game Boys Cinematic Universe. I suspect this is going to be a sell out season to book your tickets quick. You really don't want to miss this ride.

4.5 Stars

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