Wednesday 3 April 2019

50/50 - Comedy Review

What: 50/50
When: 3 - 21 April 2019
Where: The Boardroom, Victoria Hotel
Written and performed by: Michael Shafar
Michael Shafar
We often talk about how funny, wierd, absurd life is and it is true. And sometimes the funniest comedy routines are the ones which come from the heart and tell it like it is. This is what you get when you see Shafar's show 50/50 at the Victoria Hotel.

Shafar was diagnosed with testicular cancer (stage 3) in 2017 which is where the title for this show comes from, because in stage 3 you have 50/50 chance of survival. After chemotheraphy and 5 surgeries (including the loss of a testicle) he is now cancer free and eager to make us all see the funny side. And believe me, this man can turn 50 lung tumors into unrelenting belly laughs. Now that is a gift!

Somewhat quiet spoken and with a sincerity we all wish our politicians had, Shafar takes us through ultrasounds of his ball sacks ('so when is the baby due?') and preserving sperm before chemotherapy. How can we not crack up in fits of laughter as he describes the awkwardness of his mum coming along to support him?

For me the funniest jokes were about his responses to the question about whether the experience has changed him. Perhaps this is a dark humour only people who have experienced a life and death situation can appreciate, but I was almost on the floor giggling at his observations.

Shafar had most of his treatment at the Cabrini hospital (and he is raising funds for them as part of this comedy tour). Cabrini hospital is this weird hybrid of being a Catholic hospital in which all the staff and patients appear to be Jewish. Needless to say there is a world of humour in that situation alone!

Once crowned the ninth best speller in Australia, Shafar is possibly one of the funniest people here now. His shows are selling out so you had better book soon or you will miss out. Be warned though, this is as dark as it is funny and there is a 50/50 chance you will either be offended or uncomfortable with some of the content. This is what makes it so good!

4.5 Stars

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