Wednesday 10 April 2019

Paquito - Comedy Review

What: Paquito
When: 8 - 21 April 2019
Where: Tasma Terrace
Written and performed by: Charisa Bossinakis
Charisa Bossinakis
It's sometimes hard to say exactly why some comedians click at stand up comedy but there is no doubt for some of them just standing on stage and telling their stories is the funniest entertainment around. Bossinakis is one of those people. In her show Paquito, which is playing at Tasma Terrace this Comedy Festival, Bossinakis is as entrancing as she is outspoken.

Bossinakis works with observational humour and the thing she is observing is her life and how she interacts with it. Her take on the world in which she is interacting is insightful, pithy and 100% disenchanted millenial. She might look like a porcelain doll on the outside, but she is all red-blooded living and loving woman on the inside - a woman way to smart to shatter and one not afraid to live life to the fullest!

The show begins with Bossinakis telling us about her gay best friend and how the touching rule is different with them. She then moves on to the discovery of Zumba and how those very exercise cults which are supposed to make us happier with our bodies are actually responsible for making us aware of flaws which are not really a thing. When this taut, fit, healthy woman shows us her armpit vagina the message lands like a meteor. An hilarious meteor...

Eventually we get into the real meat and potatoes of the show Paquito. Paquito is a Spanish phrase meaning small Mexican or cute small girl...or a type of burrito but that is not really relevant to this story... It is also a name derivation from Francisco but I will get into that later.

Australians who travel always come back and ooh and aah about how travel broadens their outlook on life. When put on the spot though, how many of us can actually say exactly what changed? Bossinakis' friend can - it has something to do with how he now drinks his chai tea...

Deciding to experience this illuminating outcome for herself, Bossinakis decided to tour the Americas with a friend. Having heard this story my travel tip is never tour with a friend dumber than you!

Cuba was quite the experience for these two paquitos and along the way the meet Paquito - or is it Paco - or Percutio - or... Moving on, Paquito is a salsa dancer and would like to take the women to his studio and dance with them. Is that a gun in his pocket or is he just pleased to see them? The only way you will find out is to go and see the show.

What makes Bossinakis stand out as a comic is the beautiful and razor sharp asides she throws out so fast if you blink you will miss them. These are the home truths behind every story she tells. My only suggestion would be that more time could be spent fleshing out some of the ideas so that the jokes land like thunder rather than the lightning they currently are. It would also mean less actual content would be needed which might be less exhausting for both her and the audience.

3.5 Stars

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