Tuesday 18 September 2018

Anti Heroine - Cabaret Review

What: Anti Heroine
When: 13 - 18 September 2018
Where: Errol's
Created and performed by: Heather Bloom
Heather Bloom
Anti Heroine is a fun and cheeky spin on comedy cabaret taking being reprised at Errol's as part of this year's Melbourne Fringe Festival. Having debuted at The Butterfly Club in 2107, Heather Bloom gives Melbourne audiences the opportunity to experience her superb singing voice whilst also reminding us of the impressive Disney catalogue of female villains.

We always hear about the Disney princesses, and we do get to meet Elsa from Frozen in some fun pre-performance framing, but the really exciting women of Disney are definitely the evil no-gooders rather than the pretty little do-gooders in pastel frocks and hair down to their ankles. The premise to Anti Heroine is Disney is casting for another Blockbuster and they are having a really hard time finding a villain for their new movie so they are re-auditioning some of the stately women of evil in their past catalogue. Everyone from Cruella de Vil to Maleficent grace the audition stage to have a second chance and prove their relevance to a modern audience.

Fear not, this is not a feminist diatribe of any sort. It is just good old fashioned fun and the story gives us a chance to experience the incredible range, skill and talent of Bloom as a singing artist. The characters are Disney but the music is far more modern, with a good dose of Britney Spears and Taylor Swift.

The cabaret standard 'Creep' does find it's way in to this show but lets face it, it is just one song so it is over in three minutes and you don't have to hear it again... until the next cabaret you attend, of course.The costumes are a lot of fun and the personalities are hilarious. My favourite is the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella who admits she could have (and should have) called in child protection services years before she appeared to create a pumpkin carriage.

Check out Anti Heroine for some light hearted laughter and a good dose of great vocals. Heather Bloom's singing should not be missed.

2.5 Stars

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