Friday 28 September 2018

Willem Richards IRL - Comedy Review

What: Willem Richards IRL
When: 25 - 30 September 2018
Where: The Dock, Courthouse Hotel
Created and performed by: Willem Richards
Willem Richards
Willem Richards is a sketch comedian who has been gracing our Comedy and Fringe Festival stages for a couple of years now. This Fringe Festival he is in the incredibly intimate venue of The Dock at The Courthouse Hotel.

The Dock is possibly the tiniest space I have ever encountered and for a man who likes to work with props - large props - in his comedy routine, it was a very untenable space for Richards. Having said that, he made good use of what little space he had.

Willem Richards IRL is probably not his best work. The ideas were random and transitions were awkward to say the least. Having said that, watching him perform had a warmth, charm and good will which reminded me of when you help your best mate prepare for a performance or a big speech or some such. It was awkward but we were all cheering him along.

Richards had some very funny moments. My favourite was the Thai massage. If you have ever had one you will be able to relate completely to the contortionist antics very cleverly staged by Richards. I had very real belly laughs as I recalled my one (very painful) encounter with this so-called relaxation service.

I was also very impressed with his douchebag hat collection. After a series of douchbag hats, context required hats, and numerous others, he very rightly asks what is happening to our society?

The show goes on to investigate acting techniques and dating, as well as interogating the father/son relationship which seems to be a key theme in all his shows to date. It all ends on a high note with a game show with a dream making prize.

Willem Richards IRL is light-hearted, harmless fun. It is perhaps a show in development rather than a finished product.

2 Stars

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